Permalution wins $250K Best Woman in Tech Investment Prize at Startup Fest 2022

Permalution wins $250K Best Woman in Tech Investment Prize at Startup Fest 2022

In July 2022, Permalution’s path took an unexpected turn in the best possible way, thanks to the Firehood group and the BDC.

During the Startup Fest 2022, Permalution was able to reach the top ten Women in Tech position, among other talented startups led by inspiring women. After a whole morning of final pitches and due diligence, Permalution was announced as the Winner of the Best Woman in Tech Investment prize.

The Firehood group and Permalution's founder Tatiana Estevez, at Startup Fest 2022.

Thanks to this support, Permalution’s expansion has been increasing exponentially. Since July, a metamorphosis has taken place that has allowed Permalution to reinvent itself into a new brand, and also grow significantly.

The prize awarded by the Firehood group and the BDC has allowed Permalution to set up a manufacturing plant and a production strategy in the province of Quebec, and to launch a full commercialization strategy to reach new markets and achieve their sales projections.

Being supported by a group of such powerful women investors fuels even further that burning desire to chase the vision, deliver, and succeed as a woman founder in clean tech”said Tatiana Estevez Carlucci, Founder, Permalution.

The Firehood group was co-founded by Danielle Graham and Claudette McGowan in 2021. It is a national community of executive and entrepreneurial women in technology.

The Firehood group has supported Permalution financially, but also through valuable mentoring and expertise. Jennifer McDonald who leads the Cleantech Firehood, has become a mentor to Tatiana, as part of that valuable support from the network’s model. Jennifer McDonald is a successful startup operator who now advises early-stage climate tech companies.

Investing in a cleantech company like Permalution is a savvy financial move and has huge potential for impact by increasing access to water. The chance to support dynamic entrepreneurs like Tatiana is what motivated me to become an angel investor.” Jennifer McDonald

Follow Permalution to learn more about their climate adaptation solutions, applications, and how they deliver a significant impact around the world through their fog and cloud water collecting technology.

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