Building a Fog Water Mass for Wildfire Mitigation

Building a Fog Water Mass for Wildfire Mitigation

In 2019 the Canadian-Mexican startup Permalution installed the first phase for its fog harvesting project in Nayarit. After gathering the first results, the government of Nayarit -SEDESU saw the scope of this abundant water source in the state and offers a great opportunity to build their next prototype and validate the technology for a wildfire mitigation strategy and reforestation project.

Permalution is a Startup that focuses on innovative technology for climate change solutions focused on fog water and now expanding to other water sources. After winning the 3rd place at the Singularity University Mexico Summit Challenge to impact 10 million people in 10 years. Tatiana was invited to present at Talent Nights Nayarit, where the Startup was invited on behalf of the Ministry of Education and SEDESU Nayarit, to plan a prototype on the Natural Protected Area Cerro de San Juan. n bring about significant growth issues in your greenery enclosure.



Fog covering the Cerro de San Juan, where the project is being held. Photo credit: La Noria.

Building a Fog Water Mass for Wildfire Mitigation

This first step is to open research and development of fog, as a regular water source, which can globally help countries that are exposed to fog and experience water stress.
Sensors have already been proven to efficiently capture the data needed to assess the scope of the project. The Permalution team, together with SEDESU and allies in La Noria, are analyzing the installation of a forest fire mitigation system through fog and rain, which could open the way to prevention and reforestation in different parts of Mexico. and of the world.

One of the projects we look forward building for the wildifre mitigation project through fog is a fog-watermass, created through the water captured by our Fog Busters. We have already established the area and done the propoer work for excavation. We will continue working to prepare the area and have it filled with a local water ressource (fog) to alleviate wildfire stress for fauna and flora in the area — Tatiana Estevez, Permalution CEO

Permalution will continue building these fog based solutions in partnership with SEDESU Nayarit and La Noria, to alleviate water stress affected areas and ecosystems in Nayarit.

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